Baldock small garden project

Clients’ brief:

My clients commissioned me to carry out a garden review to give them some creative design ideas to develop the back of their garden. They wished for foliage plants for flower arranging and low maintenance additional planting.

There were lots of large existing plants stock to be removed but also some real treasures to remain, such as the Olive Tree and some Bamboo. The ground was deeply congested with Dogwoods popping up everywhere and creeping bamboo shoots. An existing summerhouse became inaccessible and unusable, which needed revonating and bringing back to use.

I sketched some ideas for developing the end of the garden and the simple transformation was installed by Sharman Fencing and Landscapes. Often simple is best and for this garden it certainly does work. Some of my design ideas included using Moroccan style lamps, urns and tiles all of which can be added over time.