Dingly Dell ™

The Dingly Dell trademark was awarded in February 2012. Judi Samuels Garden Design specialise in this unique design concept and each Dingly Dell is individually created as an intimate garden retreat which provides the most perfect place to sit and enjoy your garden in beautifully planted seclusion.

Plants are always selected with a feeling of connection with the rest of your garden and we recommend using evergreens for privacy and scented perennials that produce flowers and berries, giving you a beautiful place within your garden throughout the year.

If you have a long narrow garden a Double Dingle Dell could be just what your garden needs to create somewhere beautiful to stop and linger in amongst a haven of planting. We recommend installing an archway, not only does this give a little drama and perhaps some formality to the garden, it will certainly entice visitors to see just what’s beyond. Archways looking absolutely stunning if planted with both an evergreen climber and with scented roses and twining Clematis.

Shown are a Double Dingly Dell with two benches, archway with roses and Magnolia grandiflora overhead, and a Single Dingly Dell bench flanked by Callicarpa Bodinieri var. Giraldii ‘Profusion’, with overhead Buddleja davidii ‘Royal Red’ and surrounded to three sides with Choisya ternata.

We can install a variety of ground cover from cobbles to woodland bark.