St Neots coastal feel garden design


Clients’ brief:

Project budget: Approximately £50,000 +

A coastal feel garden design was inspired by my clients’ friends whose garden I had recently designed. My clients wanted low maintenance gardening.  So the planting design uses lots of evergreen plants and the sunny corner of the garden was designed to have a swing seat with a circular garden sanctuary. Top of the wish list was for a coastal feel design using similar timber uprights to represent sea groynes along the coastline. In this area of the garden oak timbers were used, with age they will become a light silver colour.

My clients love their outdoor space and visiting the Norfolk coast. it was important that I put together a design that celebrated their love of form, by taking design references from their home, as well using coastal feel influences inspired by visits to the Norfolk coastline. I incorporated upright timbers in the design to represent sea groynes, which were planted with a selection of tall lyrical grasses.

A garden retreat framed with oak timber uprights partially hidden by tall slender Italian evergreen trees (Cupressus sempervirens pyramidalis) also known as ‘Pencils’ to create partial seclusion.

I have used long flowing curves on the ground to represent a coastline, this gentle curve also serves as a design trick to detract from the width of the garden and soften the lines on the ground. Behind the gravel garden a small evergreen woodland border, framed with pines with two fallen tree trunks to symbolise my clients’ connection to each other and their love of nature.