“What clients say”

“For some time I had it in my mind to commission a garden designer to advise me as to any changes I could make to improve the overall “look and feel “ of the back garden. Just happened to be looking at our local community group website and saw Judi Samuels Garden Design, which prompted me to make contact.

Judi came round for initial viewing and discussion and I very quickly realised she completely ‘got it’. She asked me questions about the general look I would like to achieve, and used words like “disconnected “ to describe its current state. Judi created a planting plan based on our discussions, which included a fairly radical change to one part of the garden, that I would not have even considered before her input. What started as a desire to tweak my garden has resulted in a major overhaul – and I couldn’t be more delighted with the finished product.

From first meeting with Judi it was very clear that not only did she have a deep knowledge of her subject, but an irrepressible passion to deliver from ‘plan-to-planting’. From inception to completion and beyond, Judi has kept in touch to ensure her work continues to delight.”

Ray C ~ Letchworth Garden City

“We needed help to plan our very blank garden space. Judi came up with an amazing design, while managing to fit in all our requests – space for the adults, space for the kids, storage which doesn’t look out of place, some screening and low maintenance planting. The final result is just fabulous and we are so pleased. It is not something that we could ever have come up with ourselves! Judi has been great to work with, gently nudging us to make good decisions and being patient with us when we weren’t always so responsive.”


Marie Needham - Harrow, Middlesex

”It was a real pleasure working with Judi. She is professional yet friendly, meticulous and extremely patient. From not having any idea what we wanted our garden to look like, she patiently guided us all the way, suggesting layout and a long list of potential plants, trees and shrubs to have, until we were clear on what would suit our space best. Now, we have a garden that looks spectacular. I enjoy sitting in our new extension and looking at it. We highly recommend Judi for any project, large or small. Thank you, Judi!”


Sherine Hakim, North-East London

”We did not imagine that our outdoor space could look that wonderful, be that restorative, that beautiful and be what it is and what it means to us. We are delighted with the results.

Judi has been passionate and collaborative throughout the design, development and implementation process and has invested time in understanding, exploring and exquisitely delivering a beautiful and breathtaking garden. Judi has a warm and open communication style and her design and creative ideas are engaging, extraordinary and inspirational. Judi invests an incredible amount of energy and commitment into her work, and continually strives to create spaces that are meaningful and captivating. Her attention to design detail, flow and form are exceptional.

Judi has created a unique and special sanctuary and a place that we will enjoy, share and explore for years to come. It has been a joy to spend time with Judi and learn from her creativity and horticultural brilliance, knowledge and expertise. Judi has transformed our home and garden and created an outdoor space and experience that we love and will cherish, always.

We cannot thank you enough, Judi – one of the best investment decisions we ever made.”


Joe Kromer, St Neots, Cambridgeshire

“Judi came for a consultation initially and listened to what I wanted. She very quickly understood me, then spent some time studying our courtyard and made suggestions that were spot on. We spent time sharing ideas on Pinterest and then she drew up a list of plants with pictures from which I chose my favourites.

This was followed up with a planting plan. Minor changes were made until I was totally happy. Nothing was too much trouble and I feel this service was more than I had hoped for. My ideas were honoured and expanded upon using her expert knowledge on plants. I also asked Judi to source, purchase and plant the chosen plants, I know this took some considerable time but again nothing was too much trouble. I feel we received an incredible service. The result has surpassed our expectations. We love it. Money well spent.”


Sue Hesling, Baldock, Hertfordshire

If you are looking for a garden designer who listens to what you want, is very knowledgeable, professional, friendly and down to earth, then look no further – Judi is the one for you..

Having recently moved house, I decided that my garden needed a makeover. I trawled through Google searches on the internet, asked a number of local garden designers for advice and a quote and am so glad that I chose Judi. As soon as I met her, we struck up a good rapport and I knew that I could work with her and trust her with my garden.

Judi is passionate about what she does, and is brimming over with ideas but she took great care to listen to what I wanted and incorporate this into her design. She consulted with me frequently throughout the design, commissioning and planting stages to ensure that I was happy with how it was developing. I had prepared a list of my favourite plants and everyone is, or will be, in my new garden. I live quite a distance from Judi but she was happy to project manage and went to great lengths to source local companies and materials for my project and sort out any issues which arose.

We chose the worst time of year to start the work – the end of January, but Judi and her team worked uncomplainingly through some appalling weather, including Storm Imogen. Not only this, but she made me feel that my garden project and what I wanted were the most important things in the world for her.

Judi has extraordinary vision and has transformed my garden. She will be returning in spring to plant the perennials which are not available in winter and I can’t wait to see how my garden develops.

Jenny, Chesham, Bucks.

Judi is so enthusiastic and her passion for plants is infectious! The planting plan she has designed for us is wonderful and I can’t wait to put it into action. She has re-ignited my love for my garden …

Judi has a lovely, light touch to garden design full of feeling and an acute sense of colour, this is underpinned by a really good knowledge of plants, and is a careful and sensitive planter…

Judi and the team worked extremely hard … and did various little extras that were not in the contract. She is very knowledgeable and committed to her work. I would recommend her unreservedly…
Moira and Mike

Judi was very thorough when visiting my garden to also discuss with me my favourite plants and colours and to also explore what I am looking for in my garden. She was brilliant at using her professional knowledge to give me ideas I would not have considered myself, while always incorporating these within my wishes for my garden. Her team worked very hard, and with great care, as they carried out our plans.
Since the redesign of the garden she has been conscientious in maintaining contact through ongoing advice and encouragement.
Judi has been very friendly and supportive throughout the process of garden design. She is truly a nurturing person, in her work and in her relations with others.
Timothy Randall

My garden needed some TLC after the winter so I decided to seek help with planting and re-design. I found Judi on Freeindex and was impressed by her enthusiasm and energy. Judi drew out a new plan for our garden then selected and sourced the plants to help fill in the beds. Planting and landscaping was done over 6 days in all weathers. She and her team worked very hard to complete the project. I am now enjoying my lovely garden.
Liz Finch

Are you looking for an inspiring gardener to make your vision for your garden a reality? We wanted a garden that lends itself to family life suitable for multiple uses. From the outset, Judi listened to our ideas and incorporated our wishes into a bespoke small garden design in a way that we would not have been able to do! The Plan was a 2D colour drawing of what our garden would look like including the names and colours of thirty plus different plants – exciting! Once work began, we hit a snag – a number of large unwanted concrete slabs (including an air raid shelter) were discovered around our garden. However, we were impressed by how Judi effortlessly and professionally resolved this matter along with equally charming colleague Tony and a useful power drill! Roll forward to the present and we have an attractive, larger looking new garden, in which we are able to sit, play, eat from, swing, barbecue and just relax…all at the same time! Thank you Judi for being ingenious, flexible, always mindful of our budget and a pleasure to work with!
Franzman family

I was looking for a re-think of my small garden and I was recommended Judi by a friend. When I first meet Judi I took to her straight away, she was very friendly and understood exactly what I needed for my small garden (I particularly wanted low maintenance plants). Judi selected all the plants for me and I was very impressed with her plants knowledge . She has improved my garden so much and I am now looking forward to seeing them grow. I am more than happy to recommend her.
Diane Morris

Judi really delivers the goods. She consulted us every step of the way and kept us informed throughout. She is thorough and professional. Our garden is transformed and is beautiful from every angle. She started by consulting us for what our vision was and then delivering it. Nothing is too much trouble. Judi is delightful.
Linda and Kate

From the moment we met Judi she appeared friendly and super passionate about her work. She understood immediately our brief and got back to us within a week with the most fantastic garden plan. It contained details of every single plant with pictures to help you visualise the end result. Judi offers a range of other gardening services and we are looking at commissioning more of her time. She is aware of her clients limited budget (as is our case) and will give you tips to buy plants cheaper. We heard about Judi from a flyer we picked up at a local garden nursery and decided to take a ‘chance’. We are so glad we did and would confidently recommend her to anyone.
Laurence Khellas

I can’t recommend Judi the Gardener highly enough. She is enthusiastic, easygoing, professional and highly knowledgeable about plants and garden design. She has completely transformed a corner of our small garden in east London, working to a tight budget. She created a bespoke Dingly Dell, a leafy retreat with plants surrounding a garden bench, taking into account what we’d asked for with regards to colour, plant types, design etc. I can now enjoy my garden in a way I couldn’t before, and the space is put to much better use. It was well worth every penny.
Cheryl Freedman

My garden was in dire need of help. I found Judi via Google and was struck straight away by all the glowing reviews. They are all true! As soon as I met her I knew she would be the right person to transform my garden. Judi understands my needs to a tee. On meeting her the first time I also felt comfortable enough to give her my key as I don’t have side access. Judi is passionate about gardening and it shows in her enthusiasm. She is trying her very best to get me enthused too and I am starting to get there! I am looking forward to seeing the garden develop over the coming months and sitting out in it once again.
Joanna Moncrief

We found Judi through a web search since we were looking for a Garden Designer whose main interest was in plants rather than patios. She came over for an initial (free, I think) discussion and survey and it was clear that she had both very good knowledge and great enthusiasm. We had a new fence so a full bed needed replacing in our front garden and we removed two high long established privet hedges and a low wall. Over the next few weeks Judi was generous in e-mailing answers to questions and our changing ideas. We then went forward with 5 days work for her, a colleague and for three days another man also. The team were friendly, extremely hard working and it was a pleasure having them around. The plants arrived in excellent condition and have thrived during the past three months. Judi’s skill has given us a colourful range of shrubs and climbers and we are delighted with the result and have no hesitation in recommending her.
Bracha and Jeffrey

Judi first came to me by recommendation from a neighbour. She looked at my garden with enthusiasum as it really needed help. The last few months have been such a rewarding time as I have been able to watch my garden grow from a complete mess to a beauLaurencetiful and exciting space. Judi is a joy to work with. She encourages you to get the best from your garden. Judi always has ideas of what you can do with your garden and her knowlege of plants is amazing. You can see by her face that she is enjoying every minute as she gives suggestions of what plant can go where. Judi sets you up a to buy list and a wish list for your garden which you can add to. She also give you a plan of what can go where and when to buy your favourit plant. She even knows all the latin names for the plants she is recommending. I started employing her on a twice monthly basis and have ended up having her doing my garden every good. I look forward to her coming each week. She is brilliant. Thank you Judi.”

Judi’s enthusiasm and knowledge about gardening really is obvious. She carried out a free site survey and prepared a planting plan that took into account what our garden was like: light, shade, soil type, what we liked and what we wanted to use the garden for. Judi’s other strength is that she listens and takes her clients’ opinions into consideration, a very important quality in a trades person. She prepared our borders and suggested where we should go for materials. Judi then came with us to the garden nursery and helped us to select our plants. On top of this we got a great discount through her and she planted our plants and gave us loads of advice. After only three visits our garden is now looking like somewhere we’d like to sit in and enjoy rather than the uninviting, boring space it was before. They say that you do business with people you like and we certainly like Judi.
Savvakis Kafouris