Judi Samuels
Baldock garden design

Garden design, like developing your home, is a series of decisions and it’s my job to help you bring together all of the decisions into a cohesive and beautiful garden design. My aim is to connect your outdoor space with your home, which gives you plenty of opportunity to use it, enjoy it and treasure it for years to come.

I studied planting and garden design at Capel Manor Horticultural College, which set me on this garden design journey. Both living and working in North Hertfordshire is very fulfilling and I have worked with clients in Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and North London. Some of my design projects have included medium to large family gardens, courtyard gardens, contemporary gardens, cottage gardens and coastal gardens. My portfolio includes concept garden design and I am currently developing ideas for a charity garden.

Working with clients to help them bring to life their wishes for their gardens is what I am about. By using my design, listening skills and plants knowledge; I can help bring to life the garden you have longed for, but don’t know how to create. I provide support and coordination through each step of the garden project.

Before I create 3D CAD Concept drawings, you will find me in your garden sketching out some initial ideas and taking notes, once back in my office I begin pulling ideas together and developing drawings. When I’m designing it’s important to keep the communication open with my clients and I always keep an eye out for potential changes.

Depending on your location a planning application may be required and I shall be happy to support you through the process.


Wishing you a healthy and beautifully abundant garden in 2022!